Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CT-SEN Polling Update

Still a Scientologist, but he's not Tom Cruise crazy
After the primary, I kind of felt down in the dumps. I'll admit it. I felt like John Travolta probably did when he was making Look Who's Talking Too. You know, like "Why me?" and "Has my life really sunk this low?"

But then, some new polls were released, and everything changed. I was ahead in every poll! I felt like I was on top of the world once again. I felt like I had made a comeback reminiscent of John Travolta's with Pulp Fiction! Thankfully Hadassah hasn't had any Uma moments with cocaine (yet).

Here's some of the polls released since the primary:

8/9 Rasmussen - Lieberman (I) 46, Lamont (D) 41, Schlesinger (R) 6
8/17 Quinnipiac - Lieberman (I) 53, Lamont (D) 41, Schlesinger (R) 4
8/22 ARG - Lieberman (I) 44, Lamont (D) 42, Schlesinger (R) 3

That last one shows a clear hint of liberal media bias, so it's safe to assume the other two polls are more accurate. Suck on that, Ned Lamont!


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