Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Thank You for you

soup nazi
At the end of the the debate between myself and Ned "Multimillionaire" Lamont, I refused to thank him for the debate, because he was such a rude asshole. Many people e-mailed me and asked if I also refused to thank Dick Cheney after the VP debate in 2000. Well, here's the transcript:

MODERATOR: Gentlemen, now closing statements. A prior coin toss has determined that you begin, Senator Lieberman.

LIEBERMAN: That went very quickly. Thank you, Bernie, and thanks, Dick Cheney, for a very good debate.

Hell yeah, I thanked Dick Cheney! You want to know why? Because Dick Cheney is a good man, a decent family man that cares about his country. Ned Lamont is just a dream crushing, power hungry extremist that wants to steal my Senate seat! Well, Ned......YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! Like the Soup Nazi says, NO SOUP FOR YOU!


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