Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Don't Look Like That Guy From ALF!

Yesterday, I realized that this site was making major headway into the lefty nutroots when a link to it was frontpaged on the Daily Kos by site kingpin Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga. I was hopeful that some Daily Kos readers would learn from what they read here on the Connecticut For Lieberman blog and we could have a healthy discussion about the issues, but no! They invaded my comments with vile, explitive-filled insults instead, which is typical of the level of discourse on the far left these days. A disgrace! Mr. ZĂșniga should really be ashamed of his readers; truly the worst of what society has to offer.

One particularly horrid insult was left by a woman that said I sounded and looked like the guy that played 'Willie' on the TV sitcom ALF. Look lady, I watched ALF all the time; that guy sounds nothing like me, and lacks my rugged, chisled good looks. Actor Max Wright, who played Willie, was arrested for drunk driving after he ran over some mailboxes a few years back. He seems more like a blogger than a Senator to me.

But this discussion of what celebrity looks like me brings up another subject. Last week, Ned Lamont fanboy Connecticut Bob posted his idea of who should play whom if a movie was ever made of the CT-SEN race between me and Nutty Ned. As you can see, his picks are all wrong. I look nothing like Abe Vigoda either, Bob! Leave your suggestions for what actors and actresses would be the best fit to play roles in this real-life drama in the comments. I'll write up the final, definitive cast list in a few days.


Blogger Johnny Pez said...

Joe, no question in my mind: you should be played by John Wayne.

And before anyone points out that John Wayne is dead, I know he is. But I figure if they can put Olivier in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, they can put the Duke in Joementum! (Great title, huh? And since I came up with the idea, I'll expect to be well compensated for its use.)

As for Lamont, Peter Lorre seems a shoo-in to play him. I'm sure Mel Gibson (who of course is the obvious choice to produce, write and direct) can work out terms with Lorre's estate. As for Mr. Zuniga, Mr. Black, Ms. Hamsher, and all the other angry liberal bloggers, I figure some of those evil flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz can play them.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous ayn said...

i'm honored that you read my post joe (i'm the evil alf-lady, which truly dates us both since you know what i'm talking about)!

btw... you should check out my daughter's website, she's one of those teens that just won't shut up...


(ava's mom)

6:12 PM  
Anonymous ayn said...

arh. i just remembered. you already know about my daughter's horrid pornographic antiwar website. you properly labeled the little smart ass in your earlier blog entry.

hey joe, you are right you know- why would anybody want sensitivity and intellect in a commie man when they could have PURE BRAWN like you... thank YOUR GOD, while others like Jesus General are blogging about kittens (see latest entries), you are busy supporting the murders of arabic children all over the middle east! how much more JOHN WAYNE could you be? ahhh, so sexy!

if you wanna chat sometime, i'm at ava's forum... i've always wanted a piece of your ass.

(ava's mom)

6:31 PM  

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