Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Alan Schlesinger has a GAMBLING PROBLEM

This just in from the HOTLINE:

Former state Representative Alan Schlesinger is being dogged by gambling rumors, and Bradley Beecher, former commanding officer of the state police’s casino licensing and operations unit, says he received a call from Schlesinger on Tuesday, July 11th seeking information on who was checking out his gambling habits. Beecher is now a consultant on casino security and law enforcement. He’s also a critic of Connecticut gaming policies.

Beecher, who was familiar with Schlesinger, says the Republican nominee told him he is, in gambling parlance, a card counter who has been thrown out of the Mohegan Sun casino. Schlesinger told Beecher and others he plays under an assumed name, Alan Gold. Beecher shared details of his startling conversation with Schlesinger in an email to Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell and others around the state.

This is great news. It probably means that Alan Schlesinger (R) will be forced to drop out of the race. I always thought that it was rude of the Republicans to run someone against me for the Senate, considering how much I've done for them. Even though Schlesinger was a relatively unknown, token candidate, I was still offended. If Alan drops out because of his moral failings, I'm positive that the Republicans won't nominate anyone of substance to replace him. I mean, that would be very disrespectful of all my efforts to forge bipartisan cooperation on Capitol Hill.

I'm already firmly behind our President. No need to run against me, Republicans!


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